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Ecophos is a world leading business solution provider of technological solutions for the major challenges of the phosphate industry by developing and industrializing processes for:

An active industrial producer of phosphate products for the feed business and a distributor of related feed ingredients with own production facilities in Western and Eastern Europe. These activities are carried out through the brands Aliphos and Windmill.

The company was founded in 1996 by Mr Mohamed Takhim – the inventor – and a number of private European investors and venture capitalists to develop and commercialize new process breakthroughs in the chemistry of phosphate. Since its foundation, EcoPhos has developed a unique modular technology platform. Various combinations of the EcoPhos modules are possible according to the available raw materials and the final required product for the phosphate industry. EcoPhos invested more than 35 million Eur for 15 years of technology development.
Based on this modular technology, EcoPhos has developed several processes covering major market segments of the phosphate industry:

The company passed successfully all the steps of its new technology development from the laboratory scale to the industrial plant, currently in operation in Bulgaria, Decaphos.


The inventor of Ecophos’ major innovations in the chemistry of phosphate processing is Mr. Mohamed Takhim. In 1996 EcoPhos was set up with the mission to develop and commercialize new technologies for the phosphate industry.

In the early years, the chemical engineering department of the Catholic University of Louvain-la Neuve (UCL) in Belgium hosted the company’s offices and laboratories for several years and provided trial equipment and consulting expertise.

In 2001 a partnership agreement was signed with Solvay s.a., an international chemical group and afterwards Solvay became one of the shareholders of EcoPhos. In collaboration with Solvay, a pilot plant was built and operated to validate the EcoPhos process.

In 2008, EcoPhos started the industrial application of its process in its daughter company, Decaphos. This plant uses EcoPhos technology to produce animal feed phosphates from low grade phosphate rock. EcoPhos gives the opportunity to its clients to use this industrial plant for industrial validation of their specific application of the EcoPhos technology.

EcoPhos milestones

2013 EcoPhos signed a contract to provide the technology and basic engineering for the installation of a new phosphate fertilizer plant in Kazakhstan for EuroChem (Production capacity 660 kt/year fertilizer grade DCP)

Tessenderlo Group and Ecophos sign an agreement for the sale of Tessenderlo’s Aliphos feed phosphate business to EcoPhos. Through this acquisition EcoPhos becomes the European market leader in animal feed phosphates.

Creation of TechnoPhos: new demonstration plant for EcoPhos technology.

2012 EcoPhos acquires 100% of the shares of Temco and Temco Industrial services.

2011 EcoPhos signed a contract with Quimpac for the implementation of a new phosphate and acid production plant in Perù using EcoPhos technology (Production capacity 60kt/y animal feed DCP, 25kt P2O5/y fertilizer grade Phosphoric acid).

2009 EcoPhos signed a license agreement for the construction of a plant with a capacity of 100 kt P2O5 in Saudi Arabia, to produce animal feed phosphates and other phosphate products.

2008 EcoPhos acquires 100% equity of Decaphos. Decaphos obtained ISO 9001 GMP certification for manufacture and sale of animal feed phosphates (Production capacity 100kt/y animal feed, DCP-MCP).

Option agreement/term sheet license agreement signed with Solvay s.a for the development of a process that produces electronic-grade phosphoric acid using the EcoPhos technology.

Technology license agreement signed with PakAmerican Fertilizer.

2006 Signature of the license agreement for the construction of a new DCP plant, based on EcoPhos technology, by the Syrian company UCCI (Production capacity 60kt/y animal feed DCP).

2005 EcoPhos takes 50 % equity in Decaphos, a Bulgarian based DCP/MCP producer.

2004 A second series of pilot plant trials in Dombasle successfully completed on modules 1&4 (HCl digestion of phosphate rock and recycling of HCl).

2002 Successful completion of pilot plant trials of the module 1 (HCl digestion of phosphate rock) at Solvay Dombasle in 2002.

2001 Collaboration agreement Solvay s.a. – shareholding/pilot plant.

1996 Foundation of EcoPhos company by Mr Takhim and venture capitalists.