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Our technology

EcoPhos has developed and patented technologies for:

EcoPhos has developed processes as modular units that can be combined to get any product from any phosphate raw-material

Sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid

In the patented EcoPhos process, HCl is used for rock digestion. If HCl is not available, it can be replaced by H2SO4. In this case HCl is recycled in the process.

Process for the production of DCP and/or phosphoric acid

Low-grade phosphate rock reacts with HCl in Module 1A. The slurry obtained is treated to remove a significant part of dissolved impurities (i.e. fluoride, Cd…). A Liquid/Solid separation step is performed to remove the solid residue that contains most of the impurities present in the rock.
The liquid phase obtained from Module 1A reacts with a calcium source in Module 1B. Dicalcium phosphate (DCP) is precipitated. A second Liquid/Solid separation step is performed. The solid phase consists of DCP while the liquid phase is pure calcium chloride solution.
In Module 4, the calcium chloride reacts with sulfuric acid resulting in the formation of a slurry of gypsum in a diluted HCl solution. The gypsum is separated from HCl before its recycling in Module 1A for rock digestion. Gypsum, which is very pure and radioactivity free, is a co-product, removed from the system.
In Module 3 the DCP from Module 1B is digested in sulfuric acid. Phosphoric acid is produced directly at 42% P2O5 and pure gypsum is obtained as co-product. The phosphoric acid is then concentrated to its final concentration.

Process for the purification of phosphoric acid

The EcoPhos process converts fertilizer grade acid from Module 3 into technical/food grade phosphoric acid in three steps.
Step 1: Is a pre-purification to remove gypsum, arsenic and cadmium.
Step 2: Purification using different techniques in order to remove:
Step 3: evaporation to increase the phosphoric acid concentration to 62% P2O5.

Other phosphate specialties

EcoPhos can also offer efficient and economical processes for the production of:
And many other phosphate qualities.